1st        Georgia Cyclocross Series Overall Winner Pro/1/2/3

1st        3rd Coast Enduro Series Overall Winner Pro/Elite

1st        Big Creek Enduro

1st        SERC #4 (cat 3)

1st        USA Crit Winston-Salem (cat3/4)

1st        Double Down Challenge Circuit Race (cat 3/4)

1st        Bailey Mountain Enduro

1st        Dingo GA Cyclocross

1st        Across the Beeriers GA Cyclocross at Terrapin Brewery

1st        Macon GA Cyclocross (cat 4)

2nd      Bailey Mountain Enduro

2nd      TTC Enduro 3rd Coast

2nd      Hendersonville Criterium

2nd      Across the Beeriers GA Cyclocross at Southern Brewery

2nd      Boundary Waters GA Cyclocross

2nd      Savannah GA Cyclocross

2nd      Serenbe GA Cyclocross

2nd      Atlanta Motor Speedway GA Cyclocross

2nd      Macon GA Cyclocross

2nd      Charlotte NCCX Whitewater Center (cat 4)

3rd       SERC #3

3rd       Big Creek Enduro

3rd       PAALS Criterium State Championships

3rd       Glencoe Criterium (3/4)

3rd       USA Marathon MTB Nationals (bronze)

3rd       Grant Park GA Cyclocross

3rd       Across the Beeriers GA Cyclocross at Terrapin Brewery

3rd       Boundary Waters GA Cyclocross

3rd       Savannah GA Cyclocross

3rd       Across the Beeriers GA Cyclocross at Southern Brewery (cat 4)


And Several Top Five and Top Tens amongst both squads


1st        State Championship Elks Aidmore

1st        Overall Georgia Cyclocross series

1st        EPTC CX Classic

1st        Savanna Superprestige Saturday

1st        Savanna Superprestige Sunday

1st        Across the Beeriers

1st        Fools Gold

1st        Macon GACX

2nd      GACX Boundary Waters Park

3rd       GACX Finale Macon

3rd       Serenbe GACX


1st        State Championship Criterium

1st        Subway Pensacola RR

1st        Subway Pensacola omnium

1st        Subway Pensacola Criterium

1st        The Race at Renaissance TT

1st        Albany Road Race

1st        GA State Jr 17-18 Criterium Georgia State Champion

1st        Cat 2 Criterium Georgia State Champion

1st        Visit Albany GA Criterium and Road Race

1st        Cat 2 Sunny Kin Criterium

1st        The TSG Realty Gateway Cup Masters Omnium

1st        Grant Park Masters Criterium

1st        Masters 40+ Greenville SC Criterium

1st        Masters Virginia’s Blue Ridge Twilight     

2nd      Subway Pensacola Criterium

2nd      The Race at Renaissance Criterium

2nd      Twilight Dash for Cash

2nd      Blue Goose Road Race

2nd      Downtown Albany Criterium

2nd      Visit Albany GA Road Race

2nd      Red Bull Last Stand Criterium Fixed Gear Finals

2nd      6 GAP Criterium

2nd      The TSG Realty Gateway Cup Masters Criterium

2nd      Masters Litespeed BMW Criterium

2nd      Masters 35+ Greenville SC Criterium

2nd      Masters 35+ GA State Criterium Championships

2nd      Masters Roswell Criterium

2nd      GA State Road Race Championships

3rd       US Collegiate Road Race National Championships (bronze medal)

3rd       Subway Pensacola Cycling Classic General Classification

3rd       Masters Sunshine GP ST Pete Criterium

3rd       Masters Visit Albany GA Criterium

3rd       Masters Race at the Renaissance Road race and Criterium