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2012 Results

Championships and Overalls

USA Crits National Series                                                   2nd overall (Clark)
Collegiate National Road Champion                                1st (Sullivan)
Georgia State Crit Championships                                   1st, 2nd (Murphy, Samuals)
Georgia State Masters Crit Championships                  2nd (Murphy)
Georgia State Mountain Bike Series (GSC)                     1st (Murphy)
East Coast Cup Mountain Bike Series (SERC)                1st (Murphy)
Anderson Labor Day Omnium Overall                            1st (Guttenplan)
Gainesville GA Omnium Overall                                       2nd (Gaddy)
TCRC Roan Groan Omnium Overall                                 3rd (Gaddy)

Road Racing Results
Rosewood Spring Series                                                        1st (Guttenplan)
Gainesville Omnium TT                                                       1st (Gaddy)
Gainesville Omnium RR                                                       2nd (Gaddy)
Tour of the Valley Stage 3                                                    1st (Hirsch)
Vuelta Miami RR                                                                    1st (Guttenplan)
Anderson, SC Omnium Crit                                                1st (Guttenplan)


Mountain Bike Results

Georgia State Championship Series (GSC)
East Coast Cup Series (SERC)/AMBC


GSC #1 Conyers, GA                                                           2nd (Murphy)
GSC#3 Jackson, GA                                                             2nd (Murphy)
GSC#4 Columbus, GA                                                        1st (Murphy)
GSC#5 Macon, GA                                                               2nd (Murphy)
GSC#6 Helen, GA                                                                 1st (Murphy)

SERC #2 Tsali, NC Nnob Scorcher                                  4th (Murphy)
SERC #3 Conyers GA                                                           2nd (Murphy)
SERC # 5 Ducktown, TN                                                     3rd (Murphy)
SERC #6 Jackson, GA                                                           2nd (Murphy)
SERC #7 Clemson, SC Tiger Rag                                       1st (Murphy)
SERC #8 Knoxville, TN                                                        1st (Murphy)
SERC #9 Fort Payne, AL                                                      2nd (Murphy)
SERC #10 Triple Crown Fontana, NC                              1st (Murphy)


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